Programs work with the VISTA and Windows 7 operating systems.


The above example doesn't show races 1 and 5, this is because all the horses had never run a race. Without a past performance or a speed rating the program has nothing to figure information for the horses. In the above example there are three races that did not have the winner. In the other seven races the winner had the highest speed rating in all but two races. If you had bet the two horses with the highest speed rating you would have had the winner in all seven races. I don't bet a race unless both horses have odds of 3/1 or better. With this in mind I would not have bet races 2, 6 and 10. Betting this way you would bet 7 races. Bet $28.00...Won $32.20 for a Net Win of $4.20 not a win of $2.40.

The examples below show the results of three days at three different tracks. It also shows that in the four days shown you would have had only one loosing day, but on all four days you would have won more than you lost. Some of the races you could have singled bring your profit higher.

Go back after each race day and study the races to see what happened, why you won or lost. In the example below you can look at the first race and see the speed rating for the 1A horse was better than the 1 horse so you could have bet only one horse in this race. This is not always true as you can see in the second race but the style shows that the 1 horse would be farther ahead than the 12 horse because of his E6 style and the 1horse is Brisnets 1st pick. look at the races after the race day and see what the program shows you.




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