Programs work with the VISTA and Windows 7 operating systems.

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This program was developed to create truer odds for the horses in each race. With these odds you would then be able to play overlays and also know which horses are real contenders. The PVP odds show you the odds that are truer than the M/L odds for each horse.

You should check these odds against the tote board just before race time to see if the horse is a good bet. Anything less than these odds makes the horse not one to bet.

This program will not always give you the winner. If you choose Same surface (S) then a maiden or a horse that has run only on dirt will not be looked at by the program. Either of these horses could win and sometimes they do.

In the example below the 1st race, horse number 2 won the race. Horse number 2 is not shown because it was a maiden and had never run a race. Second place in this race was number 1 and 3rd place was number 4. For Any surface (A), the program will look at horses that have run on both turf and dirt, only a maiden horse would not show.

For Dirt only (D), maidens or horses that have run only on turf will not show. Remember just because horses that ran on other surfaces do not show they can win.

This program will show 4 horses in a race if there are no more than 10 horses in the race. When there are more than 10 horses in the race the program will show you 5 horses.

If the race doesn’t show 4 or 5 horses don’t play the race. Watch maiden races since most of the horses have not run a race remember they can win. Watch them for a while to see what they will do where you are handicapping.

The example below is the program as you will see it when you open a race.

Results for the races above.

    Race 1.......1 (5.20), 5 and 2.
    Race 2......11 (7.20), 6 and 4.
    Race 3.......1 (16.20), 2 and 3 or 9.

When you click on Print Preview (see example above) you will see the following page. You can print this page and take it to the track to handicap. The print out will not show the results as you see it in the example. I put the results in the example so you could see the winners of the races.

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