The PacePlus Enhanced Program

The PacePlus Enhanced program includes an updated version of the Pace Evaluator program.

PacePlus Emhanced runs on VISTA, Windows Xp, Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems.

To see the manual for this program click here.

When you open the program with the icon on your desktop you will see a yellow page like you did in PacePlus.The example shown below is the page for PacePlus e.

When you have imported a race and opened it, two buttons appear next to the Open Race button. The two buttons are Print Preview and FPS/Time. The text boxes show you what is avaliable for each button. Examples of the four sections follow.

The Print Preview section.
The Pace Evaluator section.
The FPS / Feet Per Second section.
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The difference between PacePlus and PacePlus e is that we have added the ability to print the Adjusted Call Times and Feet Per Second screens. The print options are shown in the next two Adjusted Call Times examples

The Adjusted Call Time Section.
The Adjusted Call Time Section.

Printing the Adjusted Call Time and Feet Per Second screens are not avaliable in the PacePlus program only in the PacePlus Enhanced program.

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