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This PacePlus of your is too good to be true. The day of the Preakness I worked out the first 12 races without using or looking at the Racing Form. On three races I had to leave in my 3rd selection because #2 and #3 were too close for me to separate without a form. It turned out that my first selection won 7 races while the horse that I wrote down as second won the other 4. I completely "bombed out" on the 11th race as my two choices were at or near last. If I had gone over the Racing Form class would have easily picked the winner for me. One bad thing was that nearly all paid in the vicinity of 8/5 or 2-1. That made losing and winning about even except for the 10th race where my first choice paid $40.40. Just thought that I would relay what I think of your new method. Don't know how you two Guys can come up with something so good. Best to you both. John B Peachtree City, GA

In order to augment my income in these turbulent economic times I have recently begun wagering on the races on a regular basis after many years of playing only occasionally. I find the Pace Plus program to be a very valuable tool.

My observations are as follows:

1. The Pace Plus Program – The program is easy to use and allows for different ways of looking at a race. It was designed by people who know the races and is presented in a clear format. It is an excellent tool for anyone interested in winning money. The contender screen includes long shots which I often would have overlooked. As I continue to move up my learning and experience curves with this program I become more and more enthusiastic.

2. Manual – The Pace Plus Manual is the best written manual I have ever seen. It is clear, easy to follow, and complete. This comment comes from a person who almost never reads a manual as they all seem to be written in “geek speak” – a language I am not conversant in.

3. Customer Service – I have occasionally had a question or thought and have e-mailed Ken and Bill. The response is always prompt, thoughtful, and helpful. They are honest. They are very pleasant to deal with. They are gentlemen. Some of my days at the track are better than others but my experience with the creators of this program is always exceptional. In sum, my experience with Pace Plus and its creators is extremely positive. Steve Los Angeles, CA


You need to check out Delaware 6/15  UNREAL!!!  R2 horse #3 $19.60, R3 horse #5 $19.80, R4 horse #6 $24.40,  $1.00 pic 3 $601.40!!  R6 horse #5 $13.00  R7 horse #3 $24.40. Out of the 9 races contenders had winners in 7 races. The Philadelphia track had 9 winners from 10 races, including R2 horse #4 paid $34.20!! R5 horse #4 $18.00  R8 horse #3 $12.40. In the beginning I handicapped the 4 contenders, but found myself missing out on some good prices my tpr figures didnt get. Now I just look at the 4 contenders and bet any at 5-1 or greater without any further handicapping, and it has been working out extremely well. Of course days like today are rare, but price horses are lurking withi your contender selections! I am using a money management method called "horse market investing" that increases roi without going crazy on escalating bets, was developed decades, forgot the developer, think his name was Howard Schwartz. Actually bets slightly increase when winning up to a certain point he called a window, also on the negative end can only go so low, then there is a slight increase in the bet size; most brilliant money management system out there, sure not available anymore.
Have found a way to supplement my social security!!
Thanks for sharing the Pace Plus program; hate to use this word, but closest thing to a black box!
Best regards Texas.

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