The Pace Evaluator plus Program

Pace Evaluator plus works with the VISTA and Windows 7 operating systems.

To see the manual for this program click here.

When you have imported a race and opened it, you have a button appear next to the Open Race button called Print Preview. When you click on Print Preview you will have pages like the ones shown below. The pages below are for the Breeder's Cup Classic that was run on November 6, 2010.

The page below shows the Breeder's Cup with the Hide horses tool displayed. This race is a 10F race indicated by the red box around the 10F in the header. You would then scan the FFR column for the high FFR numbers. The first horse has a 96 for a high number. The second horse has a 110 so I would keep only horses that have FFR's above 100.


Having scanned the horses and checked in the Hide horses box the horses that do not have FFR's of 100, then click Refresh to remove those horses from your display. Then you have the following pages.

Now there are 7 horses remaining so I look at the high FFR's and check the Hide horses box to eliminate the horses with the lowest FFR's until 3 or 4 horses remain.

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You would then click Refresh and then have the 3 horses below.

In the example above check the TPR's and the FFR's. The 2 horse has a 190 TPR and a 113 FFR. The 5 horse has a 181 TPR, the same as the 6 horse, but the 5 horse has a higher FFR a 98. The 6 horse has a 95 FFR so the 2 horses to bet would be the 2 and 5 horses.

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