The PacePlus Program

The PacePlus program includes a newer version of the Pace Evaluator program.

PacePlus works with the VISTA and Windows 7 operating system.

To see the manual for this program click here.

This PacePlus program requires a display resolution of 800 x 600 minimum. You may examine race data directly on your monitor, print the data, or handicap on paper. The product printed is designed for a color printer but prints equally well on a monochrome printer where colors will usually show as shades of gray. The printed output is set up for a standard 8- x 11 page.

The program requires the user to subscribe to Brisnet's or TSNs web site for information downloads. The Brisnet download required for PacePlus is the DRF Data File (Single) [.DRF] or the MultiCAPS files [.MCP]. For TSN, the files usable are the TSN Past Performance Data Files [.EG] and the ProCAPS Data Files [.PCS].

The TSN Past Performance Data Files [.EG] do not contain the information for the Brisnet Prime Power number or an equivalent. This lack of data does not affect the pace computations. The only effect is the Brisnet Prime Power number or its equivalent from TSN Procaps files is not displayed or printed.

The program is designed with the intent of supporting picking horses to bet to win. We follow the idea that Dr. Sartin had that you should bet two horses to win, this helps to increase your win average. The program does not support picking horses to finish in any position other than to win. People have found this program useful in playing exotic bets but it was not designed with this in mind.

The PacePlus program requires no manual user input data whatsoever. All the information the program uses is extracted from the files downloaded from the Brisnet or TSN web site. The program's design intent is to support users in their handicapping, not spend time on data entry.

For a racing form, the user can download the Brisnet Past Performance (PDF) file, PDF PPs from TSN or use an alternate source as preferred. The user can also download the Custom PP Generator from the Brisnet website or the TSN Custom PP software from TSN and use it to produce a racing form. The process to download the Custom PP Generator, data files for the program and the racing form (past performances) from Brisnet is described in the PacePlus manual. The TSN web site and procedures are similar enough to Brisnet that they are not duplicated in the manual.

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